Meet Sabrina Victoria

CEO of Human Better 365, speaker, entrepreneur and author of Envision Your Best Life 90-Day Planner & creator of Catapult Your Life in 365 Days, Sabrina Victoria owns & operates 3 privately held companies.  Self proclaimed Queen of Time, Sabrina focuses on time management and organization as the foundation of life. 

"We have been told all our lives that you can't buy time, but I beg to differ.  I work with small to medium size business owners and upper management, focusing predominantly on time management and organization.  I find overlooked spaces in time and customize people's lives to be more effective in the work place and at home.  I believe that once a you start to manage your time, you will begin to manage your life." - Sabrina Victoria

Sabrina urges her community to make time management and organization their number one priority, and to rise above the pull of social media, Netflix, negative gossip, degrading self talk and spending money on nonsense in order to achieve true freedom for themselves and their families.


Her straight-shooting viewpoints on health, relationships, prosperity and joy have made her a valuable resource for individuals that are looking to live their best lives.