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30 Day Focus Challenge

Don't like to read? That's ok, you can listen here: 30 Day Focus Challenge

I wanted to check in with everyone and see how your January 2nd was going.

I am assuming most of you went back to work today.

It was mixed reviews at my office today.

How was yours?

Some people were super pumped about the new year, they have New Year's Resolutions written down and they are striving for awesomeness in 2018...some where super negative… and some didn’t give a crap.

What is your take?


I'll be honest, I never wrote out a New Year's resolution, I always sort of thought they were dumb. I have alway been the type of girl, that if I wanted to make an improvement in my life, I just did it, right there on the spot. I never waited for a certain date.

I did, however, grow up with a friend who use to do them every single year. She would write it out and roll it up and stick it in a toilet paper tube and then staple the toilet paper tube on both sides and stick it at the bottom of her underwear drawer, (this is not a joke, does anyone else do this?) she would do this, in hopes that by the next year all her goals would magically come true.

Then she would open it up 365 days later and be so unbelievably disappointed. It was rather painful to watch at times. I am sharing this story with you because I thought that it was dumb at that time, and now, as I am older and wiser, I realize just how unproductive that was.

I am also bringing that up, because I’m fairly certain she didn’t come up with that ridiculous idea on her own, she probably got it from someone else. So I am assuming that maybe this is something a large amount of people are doing, and I’d really like to get you off that habit… and into a more productive habit. If you know of anyone that does something remotely similar to this...please forward this podcast to them… they will benefit to the 10th power.

So everyone is coming right out the gate looking to take over the world… they are ready to set things on fire!! But, every year we see this same thing… right? You know what I mean… January the gym is packed… and by March... The gym is empty again. Why does this happen? Well, it’s because you are not reinforcing your goals.

You are going to go out and get beat up by the world. Whether it’s you building your business, or trying to lose weight, it doesn’t matter, you are going to get tired. That’s why you need to reinforace what your goals are.

Whether you decided to write down a 2018 goal or not… doesn’t matter. We all have things in life we are striving for… or things we think about striving for… but never really put any time in to, because it just seems too hard. Either way, we are going to play a game. If you are here, you must play. You don’t have choice.

We are doing a 30 day challenge, for those of you that have followed me in the past on Facebook… you will remember my 30 squat and 30 day ab workouts… this is very similiar… but instead we are working on our ability to focus. And while I’m talking about Facebook… let me just add…. You can follow me at Sabrina Victoria… or my Facebook page...Nation of Diamonds.

So this is what we are going to do.

The passion that we talked about yesterday, for those of you that have not listened to my podcast from yesterday, be sure to check it out right after finishing this one. In that episode I broke down how to pick a goal or a focus for 2018… and the 4 basic steps to get some action behind that goal. This is going to go along with those steps.

So for the next 30 days. Every morning and every night. I need you to write down your goal or passion.

This will take you 10 minutes in the morning and 10 minutes at night. You need to come up with a game plan for your day. You're going to go into your day super excited and super pumped about your goal.

So, Why every day and every night?

This is what's going to happen I'm being real with you, not trying to be negative here.

You're going out into the world….you're going to get sidetracked (this is normal, this does not mean you failed), you're going to get distracted, you're going to get beat up, someone's going to get mad at you, someone is was going to yell at you, something's going to happen to get you a little bit off course, get you a little bit negative about your goal.

And at the end of the night you might feel defeated. You might feel like a failure. You might decide to give up.

At this point before you go to bed instead of feeling defeated instead of feeling like a loser.

You are going to get your notepad, reread your goal from that morning (remember how excited you were to start your day... feed off that energy)...and rewrite your goal again.

There will be changes and adjustments as you go...

More than likely you did something towards your goal. Some of you did a few things that were great...some of you will ROCK the day and really get amazing results. You want to celebrate your wins...and refocus on your struggles. But don't give up. You need to rewrite... a plan... adjust and do it again.

You will have wins and you will have losses. Every single day.

What you call not failure... it's you expecting perfection. But there is no perfection. Failure is ok. If you did not die... you can try again. Until you die... you need to keep trying again.

This is the example I am going to leave you with.

Think of a horse in a race.

There is BIG money that is gambled during these races...million of dollars!

What is the one thing that a horse has on, that keeps it focused on the goal?

It has on blinders… right?

Every single horse has on blinders.

No jockey comes to the track thinking… eh… my horse is amazing… he doesn’t need blinders.

Absoutly not… every jockey wants their horse focused on only what is straight ahead.

And the horse that is the fastest… the horse that is the most focused… the horse that has practiced over and over day and night, day and night, day and night over and over… failure after failure is the one that croses the finish line…

And this is what I want to mention… notice what I said...every hourse crosses the finish line. Do you understand that? So although you may not come in first, or second or 16th… it doesn't matter… because in life you are not racing against horses… you are in your own race… but if you contine to practice, continue to stay focused... you will cross that finish line! It is guarenteed!

Follow me here and check out all my other social media outlets, follow me where you mostly hang out...and I more than likely will follow back!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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