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Are Your Limiting Beliefs Murdering Your Zest for LIFE?

Did you know that I once thought that I would never make more than $31,000 a year because I didn't have a college degree? Did you also know that I made more than $31,000 in 6 months working 2 side hustles of selling used furniture and clothing on eBay and OfferUp along with making marketing videos for over 100 clients on a platform called Fiverr?

SAY WHAT?!?! Notice, that first statement would have been true, IF I BELIEVED IT, But at one point I decided to stop believing the first statement in order to start working towards creating more for myself. You see someone told me dozens and dozens of times that because I never went to college, I will never amount to anything, he even had the audacity to give it an actually dollar amount, $31,000/yr would be the most I would ever make. Funny thing... I made that dollar amount my first goal. I gave myself one year, my deadline was Aug. 31, 2018, I hit that goal by the end of Feb 2018... 6 months in... BOOM. Like a freaking BOSS BABE! This was while being a mom, a health fanatic and working a full time job. HOW?! I didn't expect anyone but myself to make my goals, passions, dreams come true. I put away all the limiting beliefs that were holding me back from what I WANTED TO BE TRUE, and than I MADE IT HAPPEN. This was just another WIN to add to my list of WINS to keep me rolling FORWARD.

Did you know that you have lies that were programed in your subconscious mind that are holding your back from fully enjoying your ZEST for life? They are called Limiting Beliefs, these are things you believe to be true because your family, religion, society, culture told you they were true... but they are only true if YOU THINK they are true. This podcast will change your entire outlook on life. Join me!

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