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Breathing Success

Don't like to read? That's ok... listen here: Breathing Success

So did you write down your goal this morning? I want to touch briefly on the importance of focus and why I believe it is the most important factor when it comes to getting what you want out of life. For those of you that did not catch my podcast yesterday I talked briefly about horse racing and the fact that jockeys put blinders on their horses in order to keep their horses focused on what's in front of them so they do not get distracted with anything that's going on beside or behind them.

If you didn't get a chance to catch that podcast make sure that you catch it after you listen to this one, so I don’t have ot worry about you missing any of this good stuff!

So i did a bit of googling, just last year $194 million was wagered during horse racing.

So how much is your life worth? Is it worth 1 million, 10 million, 100 million? Everybody says that your life is priceless. Meaning even more valuable than money... So if a jockey puts blinders on his horse in order to ensure that he will cross that finish line because there is a few million dollars on the line don't you think that you should think about putting blinders on, so you will be more equiped to fill all the potential you were meant to fulfill?


Let’s talk about focus for a second….think of a magnifying glass.

Think of a magnifying glass, the sun and a piece of paper. Imagine taking a piece of paper, putting it on the ground and having a magnifying glass beaming a ray of sunlight through it. Now think of two scenarios. One: You have the magnifying glass 2 feet from the piece of paper for 10 minutes. What do you think is happening? Two: You have the magnifying glass 1 inch from the piece of paper for 10 minutes. Both scenarios the sun light is beaming straight through the magnifying glass, is there a difference? If you have attended a science class of any sort, I am sure you can figure it out. The scenario that has the magnifying glass 1 inch of the piece of paper is more than likely burning a whole through it. Why?

The focus. There is a straight BEAM of light cutting into the piece of paper rather than a large broad ray of sun light. The laser focus, the laser beam of light will create action, fire, energy which will result in the paper slowly burning away...

And this is exactly why I've always put so much emphasis on positivity because I know that whatever I choose to focus on is what will happen in my life right. And that's the same with your goal setting. Being laser focused on your goal means less distractions... less Netflix binging or gaming on your phone, or talking to your best friend on the phone for 2 hours.

You only live once, it doesn't matter your culture doesn't matter your religion

you're going to live this life in this body one time and you can either be a spectator or you can be a player in the game of life. There is a choice have to chose one.

I have a feeling, if you're listening to me right now you want to be a player but you have to take the steps in order to get to the point you want to be in your life.

This can be used for loseing weight, saving money, selling a product, finailly cleaning out the garage. Anything… big or small.

I will be breaking all this down into more detail as the days go on… so be sure to follow me here! Remember to write the goal down and become laser focused on figuring out how to get to the goal!

If you do now know what the 30 day focus challenge is, please listen to yesterdays podcast, you will love it!

Follow me here and check out all my other social media outlets, follow me where you mostly hang out...and I will follow back!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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