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Brighten Your Universe

Highest Potential - There is a story about a man who set out to make a difference. He failed to help change his world, then his country, then his county, then his city. At a very old age, he thought to change his family next. Yet, it was on his deathbed, that this man came to the realization that he should have just started with himself.

We all have these huge dreams and huge passions that we are embarking on! I am not excluded from this. Our desires are so enormous that we want to tell everybody the way of doing things. This can get a little tricky though. So, before you go around pointing out everyone else’s flaws, you need to make sure that you yourself are living up to your highest potential. This is ALWAYS the best way and should ALWAYS be the first step.

When you start with yourself, the result is that you transform into a prime example. If you start showing an abundance of love, patience, and willpower, like you’ve never shown before, then your family will follow your lead. Afterwards, your entire family is a brilliant, bright light walking around the world. People will watch you, people will look to you, people will want to emulate you. And that is how you make big changes in your world and big alterations in your universe.

It can be very difficult to give advice on pretty much anything if you are not abiding by your own advice. The “do as I say, not as I do” methodology will simply not work in this case. More info on how to take the first step to brightening your universe ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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