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Bringing 2018 in with a BANG!

First things first.

You need to commit.

After you fully commit to your plan you have to commit to accomplish your goal even if you fail right out of the gate.

So let me open up with this example.

As certain as you are when you turn a light switch on and off.

Easy enough.

When you flip a light switch, you know without a doubt that the light will turn on.

You don’t have to make a plan, or know the inner workings of the electrical outlet.

Same with your goal.

Trying to lose 20 pounds?

You know 100% that if you eat right and work out consistently the weight will come off.

The ‘knowing’ is as simple as you knowing that if you switch a light switch it will turn on.

Now were we are getting stuck, is with the action part.

And that’s what I want to talk about today.

I’m sure some of you have heard the joke about the four frogs on a lily pad.

It goes…

If there are four frogs on a lily pad and one decided to jump off, how many frogs are on that lily pad?

A lot of people do that basic math and answer 3…

But this is where the knowing and action come into play.

The answer is 4.

You see, I did not say the frog jumped, I said he decided to jump.

There is HUGE difference between deciding to DO something and ACTUALLY doing something.

Knowing what you want and doing what it takes to get that accomplished are two VERY different things!

So step one.

Stay optimistic about your goals.

There will be days you want to give up.

Even immediately.

You can’t let the negative ideas in your mind distract you.

Which leads me to step two.

Find people that are doing what you want to be doing, and find people that are goal driven. Online, in books, blogs, podcasts (like this one), you must constantly be feeding your mind positive thoughts on ways you will succeed.

You need to drown out the negativity, because it will eat you alive, and your goal will be out the window within months, if not weeks.

Your mind is naturally wired to steer clear of fear, so anything new will scare you...

and your mind will naturally create ways to prolong the fear, or the unknown.

Which leads to procrastination.

Which then leads me straight into this one.

I think this one kills us more than even those first two.

You have to keep going even if you fail.

Most of the population starting 2018 will decide to get healthy

lose weight, start eating clean.

It is the number one new years resolution EVERY SINGLE YEAR, yet if you look at the population we are getting MORE and MORE obese every single year

and the numbers are getting worse not better.

So what is going on?

People fail…

The problem is... instead of getting right back up… they say

‘See, I will never be able to do this.’


‘I fail every single year, I don’t know why I even bother.’

But this is the thing, WE ALL FAIL!

It is those that get right back up and do it again that succeed.

Do you really think that the part of society that stays healthy and fit are really healthy and fit because they eat GREAT 100% of the time and workout every single day… for years and years and years?!?! NO WAY!

They all have cheat days, or spurge on vacations of take weeks off at a time because of family crisis or even just being lazy…

The difference is… once they get their situation altered a bit… they get right back on…and start working at their goal.


While everyone just throws in the towel for the rest of the year.

There are NO inspirational quotes that say you have to do everything perfect all the time in order to find success.

All the quotes say that you will fail, but you have to keep getting back up, or the fact that it’s consistency that wins the race.

You have to just get back up and keep doing it again.

Now… 4th thing

With all the failures will come what I call OPO.

Other people’s opinions.

some people will talk.

It is not your job to please every single person in your world.

It is your job to please your soul.

It doesn’t matter your background, culture or religion, we know we are all here on this earth, in this body for this one life time.

You MUST get the most out of your life time that you possibly can.

Stop listening to the negative thoughts… and stop being so worried about what people are saying, or what time line they expect you to keep.

You may take 4 months to lose 20 pounds, or you might take 8 months to lose 20 pounds…

It is all up to you… some people will comment on how you lost the weight too fast and… is everything ok… they will insist that you don't work out so hard, and to not hurt yourself. But if you take 8 months… other people will say… that it's taking to long and maybe you should... workout more… do this circuit, join this gym… try this trainer….

You need to learn to take complete control of your life, your goals your situation. Own it, and continue to strive towards your successes that you see if yourself.

And block out or mute the negative talk, it does you NO good.

Number 5

Get organized but avoid being a perfectionist.

Having a cluttered work space or home… can really put a delay on you getting your goals accomplished. The guilt of knowing the garage needs to be cleaned first, before you get to start working on your home bakery business, or your online media company is many times enough to keep you from really jumping feet first into you passion. Take sometime to get your home organized… and get your WHOLE family involved in cleaning and organizing… so it goes faster.

Now with that being said, don’t turn this into an excuse.

Get the job done and get moving on your passions. It will be easy to turn a messy closet into a HUGE remodeling adventure and placing your passion on the back burner for a bit.

Do not do that!

Stay focused on getting stuff done, and move on.

Get the project done and move forward...over and over.


Time blocking

You must set a certain amount of time each day, or every other day where a certain amount of time is dedicated solely to this passion or goal.

You need to research, learn and become complete emerged in whatever your passion or goal is. Find out every thing about it, become a professor in your field…and make it known. Trying to become healthier…? Read about it, work at it, learn new healthy recipes, smoothies, powerful foods. Learn to eat cleaner and healthier and follow and read about those that have already done it.

Trying to get into photography? Become completely obsessed with film… find every blogger, you-tuber join meet ups, network with people that enjoy your same field… and move forward from there.

Trying to stop smoking? Same thing… find meet ups or groups. Also blogs where people share their struggles and joys of quitting smoking… find people who will give you hope.

WE MUST ALL LEARN TO SUPPORT OUR FAMILY AND OUR COMMUNITY… AND OURSELVES. You can not expect to be the best husband, wife, mentor, mother, father if you are not living up to your potential. There will always be a road block because you are not fully satisfied with your life.

Take that time you normally take to zombie out in front of the tv… and start working on a plan for your future and your passions.

Turn off the Netflix.

Stay in tonight with a notebook and write out the dreams that you are finally going to accomplish this year.

Thanks so much for joining me here at ‘Nation of Diamonds’.

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