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Commit To Your Future Self

sabrina victoria commit to your future self

Where Are You Going? - I have a little exercise for you. Take some time out of your day to sit down in a closed off area that is quiet and still. Grab a pen and a notepad, then close your eyes. Seriously, visualize who you desire to be. You yourself – your body, your face, your thoughts, your emotions, your mentality.

Where do you see yourself and who do you want to be? TO THE TENTH POWER. Not who you wish you were in a very conservative way with the mindset that you could never actually be this person. Go on and pour out all of the beautiful, beautiful things that you think and desire and wish for your future self.

If those desires and dreams are in your heart, then you were destined to fulfill them. They would not be rooted that deep within your soul if you were not destined to be that person. YOU NEED TO BELIEVE THAT. All you need is the confidence to understand that it is true. YOU NEED TO BELIEVE IN YOURSELF.

Commit to being who you wrote down, and continue on in life doing what that person would do. All of a sudden, your language will change. You will see that you can literally be whoever you want to be!!! There will be bumps. Time will pass on. For it is a process, and it will not happen overnight.

As long as you see where you are now and as long as you can visualize where you are going, you are golden. Hope and brightness will come to you. More info on committing to your future self ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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