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Does Hard Work Really Pay Off?

Does Hard Work Really Pay Off?

Do. I am directly this message mainly to my female subscribers and followers. I want to first reiterate that I do have a YouTube channel, but I find it obligatory that I admit to slacking on it recently. Why? Honestly, it boils down to the process of getting ready. I wear makeup – not a lot, but a little bit of powder contour, blush, eye shadow, and mascara. Then, I have to do my hair and find a cute outfit. My boobs have to look nice but they can’t reveal too much cleavage. The top also has to compliment my arms…THERE IS JUST SO MUCH.

On the other hand, there are these guys on YouTube who look like a total wreck. I don’t even think they have their hair combed. Such little effort that these guys have to put in. Brush their teeth, get dressed, well that’s basically it.

There are high standards that society has put on women, and if we don’t follow the trend then we could possibly be looked at differently. I decided to do an experiment. I was going to stop wearing makeup. Now, I consider myself to be a strong and confident woman. but wow did I catch myself being much more self-conscious than normal. I stayed at my desk more. I didn’t venture out into the office complex. I avoided saying hello to people. I evaded conversations that I typically would have had. I cut down on everything quite a bit.

You know, life is school. You have to create atmospheres for yourself where you can learn. But you have to do. The doing is what teaches you. More details on how this all relates to the concept of whether or not hard work pays off ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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