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Have Less and Do More

Did you know that the organization service is an $8 billion dollar industry? We as Americans own twice as much stuff, and our homes are 3 times bigger than they were 50 years ago. Are we happier? Not at all. So why all the extra stuff? Why spend all the extra money? You don't have to! You can actually stop the madness right now.

You see it while you walk around in your life. Stuff at the office, stuff in your car, stuff in your closet, under the bed, in the cabinets. Everywhere you look there is more and more stuff. The statistics show that on average an American home has 300,000 items... yes you read the correctly. 300,000.

Listen in as I break down these 4 simple ways and reasons why having less is so much better for you mentally and emotionally. It's all about doing it better than you were yesterday. Our learning never stops

Less Stuff=More Space

Less Spending=More Money

Less Clothes=More Closet Space

Less Furniture=More Room

Just listening to this will make you feel lighter... join me.

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