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Health and Fitness - Guest Speakers

Train Your Brain and Then Your Body - Use you to better you. Does that mean anything to y’all? Maybe it does but maybe it doesn’t. Essentially, in more words, that sayings means that you are in control of making healthy choices.

My latest podcast, which can be found ---here---, features my first guest speaker!! Check it out to hear from the fantastic CC COWAN. He is the owner of C Double Fitness, and he is a trainer himself. While he does a lot to stay engaged with his clients, he admits that EVERYONE CAN BE SUCCESSFUL without a trainer.

Perhaps you’re wondering how to achieve that success!? To be quite frank, it starts inside!!! You have to find the will to do it, and then use that motivation to steer yourself in the right direction!

Time is going to pass whether you make the decision to get fit or not. Nevertheless, you should choose to get fit and make that time worthwhile. Hold yourself accountable to achieve health and fitness! Here’s a little tip to get you started: The earlier you wake up, the longer your body has to burn.

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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