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How to Effectively Communicate in Your Relationship

It's a question that all couples have, how to effectively communicate in your relationships? As empaths, Dane and I struggled a lot when we first started dating, because we are both overly sensitive individuals. As the years have passed, we have learned that the 'excess' communication skills that are required for us to function as am empath couple might be somewhat helpful for every couple. We are learning different ways to communicate every single day, and thought this would be a GREAT subject for us to share with you!

Our notes:


Communicate clearly when you are happy, not only when your partner upsets you.

'Thank you for clearing the table.'

'Thank you for driving our family home safe from our vacation.'

'I appreciate the way you listened to my story last night and didn't try to fix the situation.'

There are so many things we can take for granted when we are in a relationship, it's important to always be grateful.


Set expectations on time and energy.

Allow your partner to know what is going on in your day in order to plan 'relationsuip activities around your other priorities for the day.


Have consideration for each others differences

Don't belittle each others opinion or ideas

You should have a 'safe' space to always speak openly to your spouse, if you ever feel like you can't speak your mind, that is a HUGE sign that there is a barrier in communication. If this goes unfixed, it will get wider, and you and your spouse will start to grow apart. Now might be a good chance to acknowledge that, and open those communication lines back up.


This goes along with not letting stuff build up, always talking things out and using the right tone and situation to confront your spouse.

Listen in on YouTube or SoundCloud as we break these notes down, some great personal experiences being share here! Click below!

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