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How to Persuade

The Art of Persuasion - I have had an email sitting in my inbox for some time now, and it was an inquiry in regards to how can one be more convincing? This woman explains that she has courage and confidence but not that convincing quality. If you all have been with me for some time now, you will know that I have been in sales for practically my entire adult life. Obviously, with sales, obtaining that convincing quality is vital.

The main thing, the absolute number one thing, in achieving this is that you have to be convinced yourself. Dwell on that for just a second. It figuratively needs to reach the point of life or death. It is imperative that you get to the point where the thing that you are fighting for is life or death. Essentially, if you do not get what you want, you will physically die. It sounds intense, but that is when you will be truly able to convince pretty much anyone for anything.

Another tactic that is import when considering how to persuade is that you should incorporate other people’s logic. Figure out what they can get. What is in it for them? Everybody is always searching for that, so if you can make it that they understand or see that benefits that they will receive then it is already that much more convincing.

Likewise, rebuttals are also key for becoming more convincing!!! Anticipate what questions people will have for whatever topic it is that you are trying to persuade them on. BUT answer them before they ever get a chance to ask. At the end of your spiel, they will have no rebuttals because you’ll have already said everything.

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