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In the Beginning

Sabrina Victoria Sedona Desert

So this is a long time coming. It is amazing how such a slight light in the back of my mind has changed and evolved into something so gorgeous and helpful. I have always loved people, I have always known that my gift was encouraging and inspiring others. However, because of social media, I have had the same issue we all have. I got side tracked and distracted by all the 'noise' of the world. Surfing around on any form of social media will soon have you wishing you could take up dancing like your friend Nate or knitting like your friend Karen. Then before you know it your mind starts to wander into a world where you create a business teaching people to dance the salsa while knitting a scarf. it not?! Or what about that old college roommate who is now married with 5 kids and is a stay at home mom that bakes the most amazing looking pies and breads. Why can't I take up baking? I could be an amazing baker...people would buy my banana bread. I would call it something snazzy like 'Grandma Bella's Banana Bread' (named after my mom of course).

This is where the focus goes away...time passes by, and before we know entire decade is wasted daydreaming about endeavors that are no where close to the strengths we carry. Daydreaming about ambitions we know nothing about. So after years and years of getting sidetracked by home design, fashion and opening my own yoga studio (just to name a few)...I am now here. In the people business. There is nothing I know better than networking, inspiring and building businesses and relationships. Now let's start creating some noise of our own and get this world moving forward! Are you with me on this? What are your passions?

Do something awesome today!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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