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Leaving Your Old Friends, For New Friends

The Gift that is You - You need to find people who nourish you. You need to find people who inspire you. You need to find people who believe in you. You need to find people who support you. You need to find and surround yourself with people who are radiating that kind of positivity!

Sometimes, the best person for that job is yourself. You just need to understand and believe, with every thread in your body, that you are a beautiful and intelligent soul. You have so much to offer the world. Dig in and find out what it is! Then, fight for your passion and FOR YOURSELF.

It is completely natural to crave the support from everybody. Although, it is not necessarily what is best for you. The people who don’t actually support you will paint a gloomy picture within your mind. They’ll ask “What if you fail?” or “What if you lose money?” or “What if it doesn’t work out?” They are questioning the future, but you don’t know what will happen either!!! Don’t listen to others because the objections of others should never hold you back. Listen to yourself, instead, and charge on from there.

Understand that you are a very powerful being just by yourself.

So powerful and so strong that not everyone deserves to be around you. Way too often, we do not view ourselves as a gift or a present to the world. It is critical that we grasp that perspective. More info on this in relation to leaving your old friends for new friends ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!Leaving Your Old Friends, For New Friends

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