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It's 4:22am on Saturday morning.

I'm here to talk about movement. The lack of. There is soon to be a switch in culture coming up, I can see it miles ahead. Some of us see it, some of us don't. There is an era we are sitting in, at the moment that involves obesity, diabetes, cancer and fatigue. There is a lack of knowledge that these four words are not just diseases but actually symptoms of death. Just as a cough is a system of getting a cold. For those of you that know me, follow you... you know... I believe that food can change everything, but what I believe changes things even more than food is movement. Change. Getting up and moving your fucking ass.

Broke. Unmotivated. Constantly complaining. Underpaid. Undervalued. Obese children. Acne. Bloating. Unhappy. If any of these describe you, you need to get the hell off the couch, you need to go for a walk. A walk with your family. You need to get up and do some research on better eating. You need to get up and get yourself walking the aisles in the grocery store that you normally don't spend that much time in. The produce aisles, the 'healthy green' aisles. You need to start networking with healthy people. You need to start asking questions.

I believe in two things. I believe in people, and I believe in movement. The two things by themselves are worthless. Think about it. Think about being you, without movement. No running, no jumping, no deep thoughts, no walking, no laughing, no producing results. Now think of movement without humans. Wind, with no windmills. Electricity with no light bulbs. Rushing water with no plumbing. No advancement in medicine. No moving vehicles. No thoughts. No plan.

Every single item on this earth that has evolved, is something that was once an idea... a movement... that was thought of, executed on and invented. Movement. Transfer of energy from us to matter. A thought becomes a real item.

Think about that for a moment just now. Think about all the things that we would be missing if it were not for movement. If it weren't for the transfer of energy.

Now think of all the things you are missing in your life every single fucking day, when you sit like a zombie watching hours of mindless tv...when you sit in front of your phone playing hours of candy crush. Think of all the ideas you have rushing through your head, that you are not executing on. Now think of all the amazing people you have known that died too young... all the ideas that have been buried in the ground too early because people were too scared, too lazy, or too fucking distracted by the stupid things of the world to actually act... move... on their thoughts.

I am up at 4:22am. Because I fucking believe in movement. I believe that thoughts come, and I believe that thoughts are what give us the courage to move. I believe that without action, I am just another dumb robot. And I REFUSE to play that fucking game. I believe there is more. I want more. And I will continue to move. I will continue to get my thoughts down, to push people, to inspire people to keep the movement going.

Because without movement, we are cancer, we are diabetes, we are overweight lazy pieces of shit... we are worthless.

Do me one favor, right now...

Think of your of your family without movement. Think of how pathetic. How lazy would that look? Is that really you? Is that really what you want for yourself? For your family? Really?

Now force yourself to do the opposite of that, and watch amazing things happen.

Do something awesome today!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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