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Multi-Tasking Myth or Fact

It’s All an Illusion - I have always prided myself in the fact that I am a multi-tasker. Up until five years ago, it was even my go to word! For the record, I am most known for – not only my curly hair – but the fact that I can get the amount of work done in the time that it would take five people to do. I am fast; I am efficient; I am focused. I am really, really good at starting a project and finishing a project to its fullest. As well as getting everything else done!!! I would simultaneously stay healthy, be a good mom, clean the house, take care of the dog. Whatever it was, it got done on my watch.

BUT, five years ago, I read an article that labeled multi-tasking as a myth. Apparently it is actually impossible. Our brains delude us into thinking that what we have done is multi-tasking, yet it is all an illusion. I decided to take this reading into consideration since I am invested in learning and growing. I have to admit, though, I was slightly offended because I thought: “What!? Yes I can multi-task! I do it all the time.”

When I started to break it down and analyze my days, I realized I do not multi-task. I concentrate on one thing at a time. It just seems like multi-tasking because I accomplish multiple things in a single day.

Ninety percent of the time, I try to work off a list. It may be comprised of things that I have to get done or things that should be done or things that I have been putting off. To me, there’s really nothing greater than being able to scratch things off of your list. It gets you feeling more accomplished.

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