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My Ass Was Beat By Mother Nature

So I guess I am the lucky one.

I write to remind you to play. Play with your children...PLAY IS EXERCISE!

The number one complaint I hear while skipping around this world is, "I don't have enough time, how do you find enough time?"

To this, I laugh. Not to be mean...but because it's pure horse shit. You and I both know it. So admit it, and stop lying to yourself, you don't work out, and you don't eat healthy because you're too freakin lazy to take the time to do it. And why are you too lazy to get your ass off the couch? Because your all worn out from the day.

Eating shitty processed foods.

Breathing in car fumes from the long drive to and from work.

Eating zero green leafy veggies. (the wilted pathetic piece lettuce on that hamburger today doesn't count, so put your hand down!)

For some of us...smoking...drinking...binging.

Not getting enough sun rays on a daily bases, because your sitting in a stuffy office with florescent lights beaming down on your skin.

Staring blankly at computer screens all day.

That SNICKER bar from the vending machine, afternoon pick me up.

I could go on and get the picture.

It is a HUGE cycle, over and over and over and over and over...need I continue? You get bogged (is that a word?) down with all these things that slow the body down, and never work up the energy to do the things that would bring LIFE, COLOR, ENERGY, and MOTIVATION BACKinto your body! I say BACK (bold and italics) because at one point, for some of us longer than others...we use to have a TON of energy, a TON of life, we use to dream BIG! But the things of the world and the way we eat have slowed us down.

Today I went to the beach with my son. We laughed about ocean monsters...and seaweed ninjas. We got beat up by waves that were out to get us, and we conquered those that we caught on our boogie boards and rode into shore! We karate chopped waves and ninja kicked seaweed...and laughed until our bellies hurt. While singing out songs of ocean fish and and dolphins we got tumbled under HUGE ninja waves that forced us to do somersaults under the water...only to pop up on shore scuffed up by rough sand - laughing and racing back into the ocean with our boards in tow. We were out there for 3 hours getting beat down over and over...laughing hysterically... and little did my son know... burning tons and tons of calories. Together...

I 'workout' with my son EVERY SINGLE DAY whether it is a quick walk around the block (10 minutes), a few mile bike ride (20 minutes), an awesome contest of Who can swing higher at the park (1 hour), having races from our driveway to the stop sign about 1/4 mile down the road (as adults we get all uptight and stubborn like - calling this sprints) children we call this Racing! (20 min if you do a few rounds), and of course all the ocean fun (1-3 hours)!! As you can takes no time at all to get a bit of exercise in. We get this FUN in the moment we get home from school (yes...even before homework! GASP!!!). We cut an apple in half. He gets half, I get half, and we head out the door. My sons health is the MOST important thing...always...before anything. The most important thing to remember, even if you are tired, is just HOW MUCH YOUR CHILDREN WANT TO go out and exercise. Stop being the mom/dad at the playground that sits on the bench... or snaps pictures...start being the one that runs around and chases them around...get them all hot and sweaty...let them feel how awesome it is to be out of breath working their little hearts out. And while they are over joyed with the fresh air...think of your body...your heart...your lungs.

So stop lollygagging around and make the effort right now. Grab your shoes (and coat) and get your little rug rats ready to head out into the world...every step counts. Every single step. Feel motivated...feel the energy and life just thinking about that. Now... act on it!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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