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Power of a Single Mom

Coming Out on Top as a Single Mom isn't the easiest thing to do, but it's also not the hardest. Drugs, alcohol, loose behavior would have actually been SO much more difficult than the route I choose. And what route was that you might ask? The route of working my butt off, making money, saving money and creating something bigger than myself to share with my world. Sharing my story, my turmoil, my failures and triumphs has become my biggest asset. AND I insist it is our obligation as humans to share out stories in order to uplift and encourage the young ones coming up behind us. We have so much power in our story telling as humans, and so many of us decide to hide our struggles and issues, keeping them secret. You have to remember that we are ALL THE SAME! We are all going through incredibly similar tribulations, and you telling your story makes it that much easier for the person coming up behind you.

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Do something awesome today!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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