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Pride Nutrition with Bosco and Cowan

pride nutrition with sabrina victoria

Taking Pride in Your Nutrition - Guests are in the house! I’ve got CC Cowan back with me, as well as the CEO and founder of Pride Nutrition Frank Bosco!!!

Frank explained that he and his brother started Pride Nutrition fifteen years ago this month. They had been on the retail side for a little while before that where they learned about ingredients and different quality products. Afterwards, they started out with two products of their own, and now they have close to forty products.

At one point during our talk, Frank Bosco revealed that he grew up on hotdogs and hamburgers as a child in the 1980s. Along with fish sticks and similar foods. A lot of things have changed in the past years, though. For instance, Bosco strongly believes that his two year old son has more Omega-3s now than the majority of people have in their lifetime. Potentially as a direct result of that, his child has been pointed out to have quite an advanced vocabulary for someone of his age.

As you can see just from that little bit, there are advantages and benefits to Pride Nutrition. Supplements! Multivitamins!! Superfoods!!! More info on Pride Nutrition ---here--- with Bosco and Cowan on my latest podcast.

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