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Did you know that my fiancé and I have 2 roommates, which allows us to live in a gorgeous home in South Florida? Did you know that my fiancé and I save over $600+ a month because we share a car (that's $7,200 a year)? Did you know that I had to open a secret bank account and storage unit for over 4 years while I secretly planned to leave my last partner who emotionally and mentally abused me WHILE making sure I barely had enough money to survive so I would never leave? Did you know that our household of 3 lives off of $100 a week which includes all food, toiletries and misc items? Did you know that I paid cash for a beautiful 2015 Honda Pilot last year, saving me $10,000 in the finance interest charges? Did you know that I am my own boss and during this pandemic I have been paying all my bills by reselling clothes and furniture online? Did you know that last night during dinner I blurted out that this year has been the happiest year of my life? Crazy, I know. I do things differently than almost EVERYONE, you can judge if you want, but if you are at all curious about what has me this excited about life during what is thought to be a VERY STRESSFUL time in our lives, I suggest you subscribe to my podcast and listen in to what I'm doing...and see if maybe you can adjust your thoughts a bit to make life just a little bit brighter on your side too!

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