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Special Guest - Cowan and Ukaobasi

Commit to Being Fit

This blog is incredibly special to me because I finally got to chat with Eka! Eka is a phenomenal mom and fitness powerhouse!!! I initially asked her how long she had been on a mission to be healthy and her answer was nothing I expected.

Eka admitted that, prior to being married, she was one of those girls that went to the gym to look for cute dudes. She was merely going to the gym to hang out with essentially no mission at all. Then, she wed and her whole world shifted.

Like many women before her, the focus turns from yourself to your spouse. Eka explained that she had no care about herself, and the happiness of her husband was enough for her. The gym stopped completely after that.

Doing no exercise, Eka reached 190 pounds at the height of 5’2 – with 43% of body fat. Coming to the realization of how unhealthy her lifestyle was, she recommitted to fitness. After only a week back at the gym of doing straight cardio with no trainer, she lost 5 pounds.

Years later, Eka states that the gym helps rejuvenate you and it becomes a routine that you genuinely enjoy. CC Cowan and Eka go on to elaborate about the belief that fitness is a journey ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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