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Success Comes From Failure

success comes from failure

It’s All a Process - Take a quick minute to think of things you absolutely need as a human being. Perhaps food, water, shelter, clothes – all those basic life essentials – are passing through your mind. I’m almost positive that one item that is not on your list of essentials is FAILURE. Contrary to what you may believe, failure is something that you must have in your life.

This was not always a part of my belief system though. There were things weighing heavily on my mind, body, and soul, but I experienced an epiphany about five years back. I had come to the realization that every thing that I had ever considered a mistake in my life was secretly one of the things that helped me g r o w. After each “misstep,” I came out more confident and stronger – and it took me forever to comprehend that.

Life is continuously pushing you and pulling you in different directions. No matter where you end up, failure will find you in every single place. Instead of being so hard on yourself, think of it as learning how to walk. At an infant’s age, you gave yourself as many chances as it took in order to succeed.

Whatever age you may be now, don’t lose that sense of courage you had as a child. Give yourself as many chances as it takes – do it again and again and again. Over and over and over again with each goal, passion, and opportunity that presents itself in your life. It’s all a process, so just be patient with yourself.

We are not robots. Human beings cannot learn and grow without facing difficulties. We are not perfect. Human beings cannot avoid mistakes. Just remember to never give up. More info on how success comes from failure ---here--- on my latest podcast!

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

Do something awesome today!

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