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What If?

Have you ever sat and thought to yourself about a passion or a dream that you have? Maybe you catch yourself day dreaming in the shower or while driving to work. You see yourself vividly playing in a life that isn't quite yours. Have you ever thought what would happen if you actually went for it? What your life would be like if you finally took that step and committed to losing weight, finding a new career, asking your boss for a raise, signing up for a night of improv? What if you took the leap? It can be scary, it could give you goose bumps just thinking about it. But imagine your life 10 years from now. Imagine yourself living this same life, imagine time passing by but everything stayed exactly the same. Would you be complaining about the same stuff? Would you still be dreaming up the same dream? Would you have regrets? Would there still be an empty feeling of a would've, could've, should've?

Now imagine what your life could look like 10 years from now if you did take that leap. If you pushed through the doubt that was running through your head. What if? What if you grew enough courage? What if you just went for it? Think of the happiness that comes over you when you think about just leaping. Think about the joy and fulfilling feeling you would have if you just tried.

Life is full of what if's, they can cover a multitude of thoughts, lives, drama, excitement and heartache. But everyone has a passion. Everyone has something deep down in them that gets them excited. Something that lights them up. What would it take for you to take that leap? What do you need? Who do you need to talk to? What is holding you back?

I encourage you to take a look at your life right now. I encourage you to realize that time is slipping by. Sometimes the most rewarding things in life are the most scariest. What is the passion you day dream about?

Do something awesome today!

Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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