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Why Should I Forgive

Don’t Drink the Poison - “Forgive and forget.” That is the thought process that needs to run through your mind when you think about apologies. Despite what people may voice aloud, the saying is not “Forgive but never forget.”

But…this person wronged me and this person hurt my feelings…why should I just wipe that from my memory? You need to forget because of time. You don’t forgive and forget for the other person; YOU DO IT FOR YOURSELF. Every single time you talk about these negative thoughts and stories to other people, you are wasting time. Every single time you let think and ponder and hate over these instances, you are wasting even more time. There is constant time being wasted.

There needs to be a time where you reach acceptance. Put those feelings in a box and file them away. You can decide to open up the box later on, if you choose to, but it’s out of sight out of mind for the time being. That is exactly where it should be.

Stop drowning your life (and others’) in negativity. It is what it is. Start being a role model for yourself!!! We are looking for clarity, and clarity is forgiving and forgetting. Do no continue to drink in this poison and just get on with your life.

You are alive, you are well, and everything is fine. More info on forgiving yourself and forgiving others ---here--- on my latest podcast! And remember to have courage and strength like no one else.

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Xo- Sabrina Victoria

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