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Curing the Professional Procrastinator
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Are you ready to step into your greatness, give up your procrastinating ways and create a life full of intention?

'At some point, the pain of not doing it becomes greater than the pain of doing it.'

- Steven Pressfield

Do you find that your days tend to slip away with few accomplishments, or do you find yourself looking at the clock at the end of the day and think, 'Where did my day go, and what did I get done today?'  If time seems to be slipping out of your hands and nothing seems to be getting done as the years pass you by... this course:

Curing The Professional Procrastinator is a MUST to invest in!

Why invest in Curing the Professional Procrastinator course:

This course is a tool to boost your productivity over the course of your life going forward. It will encourage you to create and maintain new habits that will forever alter the trajectory of your entire life. This course also includes a workbook that you will be able to use as a refresher for years to come!

What you'll discover:

Find out what steals your attention and energy and how to avoid

Dive deep into why we procrastinate and how to over come those reasons

Review the 13 most common ways we procrastinate

Learn the 6 triggers for procrastination

Learn the ripple effects of procrastination

Master 22 ways to conquer your inner procrastination

Review the 6 steps to simplifying your daily to do list

Discuss Low Return Tasks vs High Return Tasks and how to divide your tasks accordingly

Master how to do stay focused on the RIGHT things verse ALL the things

Create and plan a productive maintenance day that you can implement immediately

Learn the value of time and how to cherish it

Experience a Time Management Meditation

Learn what a worry list is and how to develop a useful one

You will receive:

Curing the Professional Procrastinator actionable workbook where you will record your insights, lessons, commitments and completed action steps.

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