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Join the Sober Society 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge!




21 Day No Alcohol Challenge 46 page book JAM PACKED with up-to-date insight and knowledge on how alcohol works, why we keep turning back to it, and how to finally kick the habit. 


21 of my most powerful Affirmations one for each day, that will help push you through to the next day using powerful declarations about your inner thoughts. 


Bonus Affirmation for catupulting you into your future with personal energy and mental strength!


These Affirmations have inspired and pushed my clients to new levels in their health, relationships, prosperity and joy. We are so excited to be using them to assist you during these 21 day challenges!

1. Confidence

2. Patience

3. Connection

4. Self-worth

5. Communication

6. Optimism

7. Passion

8. Power

9. Who You Are

10. Integrity

11. Self-Awareness

12. Love

13. Drive

14. Self-Reliance

15. Envisioning Your Future

16. Stretching Your Capabilities

17. Determiniation

18. Assertiveness

19. Independance

20. Flexibility

21. Courageous

Bonus: Achieve




Access to 21 Day No Alcohol Challenge Facebook Group with sober coaches and sober curious individuals ready to take on a brand new challenge! Including weekly MENTORING, INSPIRATIONAL POSTS, AFFIRMATIONS, GUEST SPEAKERS AND MORE!!


We are so excited to do this challenge with you! Sign up today!



21 Day No Alcohol Challenge Booklet

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