Discover The Real You eBook workbook takes you through your own journey and self discovery to help you make significant changes to your attitude and behavior towards your story. This unique workbook allows you an opportunity to discover your own patterns and strategies for living a healthier life full of love and abundance.


This 187 page workbook is filled with exercises that will help you understand your current state of mind, reveal your roadblocks, and provide insight on how best to move forward. Be honest and dig deep for each exercise. Life is all about personal growth and doing better than you did yesterday. These exercises will help you do just that.


Tired of focusing on not drinking? Discover The Real You workbook does not focus on the ‘drink’ or ‘failure’ in any sense, instead it focuses on life, your life and the best version of it, minus the drink. Although there will be exercises and conversations about the past, it will not be the main focus. We do not dwell on the problems, we focus on the solutions. 


We are sharing our best techniques combining time-management skills with actionable steps to help you achieve rapid results. We look forward to seeing all your progress!


Time to get serious about life and drop the drink.


Included in this 180+ page eBook workbook:

The life cycle of an alcoholic broken down as a visual to help you better understand why you are where you are.

7 Myth vs Realities regarding alcohol



Fashion Tips with visuals.

Breathing Exercises.


Basic Yoga Exercises.

Sleeping techniques.

Basic breakdown of how your unconscious mind has been guiding you in the wrong direction and how to break the pattern.



How to mend broken ones.

How to build new healthier ones.

How to create more time for self love.



Exercises on confronting your past, finding your authentic self and goal setting for the future you.



Revealing ways to creating and finding more joy around you.


Obtaining a More Abundant Life:

Detailed step work on planning out your new Real Life

Comprehensive tools for writing out your new life plan


Give yourself permission to create a life full of adundance and joy. 

Discover The Real You eBook Workbook


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