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Everything you need to REFOCUS your mind from the drink, to the life you desire. Designed to empower you to take back control of your life.


Discover The Real You Online Program is a video and workbook course that takes you through your own journey and self discovery to help you make significant changes to your attitude and behavior towards your story. 


Work at your own pace.

  • Take back your control in your life.
  • Eliminate harmful thoughts and replace with empowering ones.
  • Overcome fear that is holding you back.
  • Create confidence within you.
  • Challenge your limiting beliefs that are holding you back.


Learn to strategize and create lasting change!


  • Refocus and create the life you know you always wanted.
  • Get out of your own way and begin the process of turning your dreams into reality.
  • Identify harmful patterns in your own thinking and replace them with empowering ones to make a powerful shift in your life.
  • Learn the difference between change and progress.
  • Acknowledge negative belief systems that you have been hanging on to and begin to mold new belief systems that are aligned with the new you. 
  • Discover your own patterns and strategies for living a healthier life full of love and abundance.



187 pages of content. Jam packed full of information and exercises that will help you understand your current state of mind, reveal your roadblocks, and provide insight on how best to move forward. 


Over 28 pages showcasing the top 7 Myths about alcohol and what it means for you and the future of the alcohol industry.


Sample of Topics Covered:


Fashion tips with visuals

Breathing exercises


Basic yoga exercises

Sleeping techniques

Basic breakdown of how your unconscious mind has been guiding you in the wrong direction and how to break the pattern



How to mend broken ones

How to build new healthier ones

How to create more time for self love



Learn to confront your past

Find your authentic self

Goal setting for the future you



Revealing ways to creating and finding more joy around you


Obtaining a More Abundant Life:

Detailed step work on planning out your new Real Life

Comprehensive tools for writing out your new life plan


Do it NOW, Give yourself permission to create a life full of adundance and joy. 

Discover The Real You Online Program

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