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How to Catapult Your Life in 365 Days


Overwhelmed with life? Our flagship HB365 program is designed to guide you through what we believe to be the foundation of life, allowing you to have a sturdy root system to blossom into. HB365 provides you with an extensive workbook that assists you in gaining a better understanding of your foundation, and walks you through the tools and exercises needed to gain control of the four pillars of life; Health, Relationships, Prosperity and Joy. After 365 days you will emerge as a brand new empowered individual. 

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Sober Society


It's not just a life style change, it is a complete makeover. Our Sober Society Program takes you through your own journey and self discovery allowing you space to make significant changes to your attitude and behavior towards your story. Sober Society provides a unique workbook that allows you an opportunity to discover your own pattens and strategies for living a healthier life full of love and abundance. We work one on one with you either virtually or in person and strive to be the foundation you need to soar through life.


Breaking Free From Narcissistic Abuse


''Whoever makes all the money makes all the rules." That was the mantra that played in the household of my narcissistic abuser for over a decade. He controlled my paycheck, so he controlled the money I had saved in my account, which at the end of each month was $0. It took me 4 years, but I was able to save up my money and escaped my abuser. This HB365 program is dedicated to help emotionally and mentally abused individuals that want to escape their abusers, but don't know where to start. Included in this program is a workbook along with a detailed system that I used to save, plan and leave my abuser.

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Live Better.   Love Better.   Be Better.   HUMAN BETTER.

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