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Treatment from the privacy of your Own Home


We do it differently.  


Here at Sober Society we pride ourselves on being different than the rest.  


Unlike rehabs that count on you failing in order to keep you in the system, we strive to 

make sobriety, something that seems impossible, POSSIBLE.


Let's be honest, the numbers don't lie, when you come out of sobriety the chances of you staying sober are 50/50. Plus the rate of suicide goes up, the rate of depression goes up, the rate of self medicating goes up.


We strive to be better and to do things radically different than any traditional rehab. One of the most profound differences is keeping you in your own environment. This technique is vital to showing you where you can find joy, happiness and fulfillment right in your community with your friends and family surrounding you.  


Obviously enjoying a nice 'vacation' like atmosphere with palm trees and happy energetic people around will make it easy to forget your job and personal struggles enough to quit drinking, but what happens when you get back home?  

Sobriety is a muscle and we are here to work that muscle to the max.  We want to guide you through the difficult parts of getting sober and staying sober in and around the things that might be triggering you to fall into temptation again, this way we can work on making sobriety work for you in the exact environment you deal with on a daily bases. We strive to prepare you for anything that comes your way that threatens your sobriety.  Unless you are picking up and moving into a silent zest retreat for the rest of your life, there are bound to be things that cause sadness, frustration, stress and we want to be there to combat them and problem solve together so you have the coping skills to deal with real world issues in your world.  We intend to create muscle memory to stay sober even when life happens and things are not going your way. Sober Society focuses on emotional and mental muscles in order to create amazing communication skills. These life skills will raise the bar with your confidence and your ability to stay sober no matter what.  

"Decide today to stop the insane alcoholic cycle. Raise your standards and believe without doubt that you have the ability to rise to a powerful level of living. Set an intention today to make your vision, dream and desire a reality."

-Dane Michael-

Call us for a free consultation, we would love to get you moving forward with this in-home alcohol treatment program that is individualized to support the needs of each client in their current environment.  It revolves around the client, their family, friends and work place.  


In order to ensure success, each area of the clients life is considered when creating the road map to recovery and staying sober for good.

I still remember spending my days thinking about how much I drank yesterday, and telling myself that I'm not going to drink today. Then coming home stressed out, burnt out and tired and using that as an excuse to start the entire  cycle over again. You might think that alcohol is the problem, I'm here to tell you that there is more to it than just the drink. When your plate is overflowing with stresses from work and family, you need to find an outlet.  My outlet has become cycling, let me help you find your outlet along with the tools to help you regain control of your life.  You don't have to know what to do, you just have to trust that the process works. Let me show you how.

- Dane Michael

Tired of all the failed attempts?


What To Expect


Begin the Process

Contact us immediately to connect with a transitional coach to see if you qualify for this personalized treatment.

We will help locate an accredited detox near you.

We will closely monitor your detox process before arriving at your area for our personalized 7 day treatment.


Start 7 Day Treatment

One on One in home daily sessions start immediately after detox, in the environment you live in.

You will be presented with a personally designed at home alcohol treatment program that includes a workbook with Sober Society's outlined comprehensive action plan to long term recovery, which gives you the skills to continue life without alcohol. 

Take Aways:

Learn how to be held accountable.

Immediately break the alcohol cycle.

Teach the family unit how to work together to build long term recovery.

Nutrition and exercise is used as a healthy alternative to your previous lifestyle

Sessions that work through past experiences that attributed to drinking.


Continued Support 

Continued daily counseling sessions for 7 days after treatment​.

Continued weekly Sober Society meetings 2 times per week for added support long term. 


'The harmful use of alcohol is a global problem that compromises both individual and social development.  It results in 3.0 million deaths each year.  Alcohol is the world's third-largest risk factor for premature mortality, disability, and loss of health; it is the leading risk factor in the Western Pacific and the Americas and the second largest in Europe.  Alcohol is associated with many serious social and developmental issues, including violence, child neglect and abuse, and absenteeism in the workplace.  It also causes harm far beyond the physical and psychological health of the driver. It harms the well-being and health of people around the drinker.  An intoxicated person can harm others or put them at risk of traffic accidents or violent behavior or negatively affect co-workers, relatives, friends, or strangers. Thus, the impact of the harmful use of alcohol reaches deep into society,'

- World Health Organization, 2018 

Live Better.   Love Better.   Be Better.   HUMAN BETTER.

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